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Driven by the desire of international and local entrepreneurs, universities, associations and local research labs we made a decision to supercharge Poland and in particular Krakow with BinkPlus.

Krakow is a hub of business developments and over


private businesses and nearly


public firms carry on business in Krakow with aggregate revenue over 14.6 billion euro.


Business Incubator + is a centre that assists entrepreneurs with starting and growing new business ideas and technology ventures.

We specialize in general business ideas and technology ideas and provide a broad base of support to entrepreneurs, both internally and through our extensive resource network.

Bink+ has assisted various business ideas and technology platforms and we intend to be the leading business ideas accelerator in Krakow (Poland). We provide students, entrepreneurs, startups and our program companies with a comprehensive suite of services, finance and possible infrastructure enabling them to accelerate market entry and attract investment capital.

Ian Scarffe

Business Ambassador

Bink+ program companies can access a wide range of business, academic, legal, marketing and financial partners and advisors that provide the niche specific expertise to help mitigate risk and accelerate new venture development.

Bink+ is focused on general business, the technology industry and hi-tech ideas.



Bink+ is a process designed to accelerate the successful development of startup ideas and entrepreneurial companies.

We support startup ideas through an array of business resources, access to private finance, and services developed and orchestrated by the incubator management and offered both in the incubator and through our network of contacts.

Studies reveal that: successful completion of a business incubation program increases the likelihood that a start-up company will stay in business for the long term: other studies found 87% of incubator graduates stayed in business, in contrast to 44% of all firms.

In North American incubation programs assisted more than


companies that provided employment for more than


workers and generated annual revenues of

$17 billion


Bink+ methodology will inspire and engage participants in the fundamental concepts of entrepreneurship in the early stages of business development.

Bink+ is designed to provide students, startups, entrepreneurs, business owners and program companies with an entrepreneurial and collaborative environment, where founders and teams interact with seasoned professionals, experienced and award winning mentors, service providers and capital providers to address strategic and tactical issues.

Bink+ serves the community and its partners through a variety of meetings, forums and educational programs.

Bink+ will host or co-hosts internal programs for its program companies and network, including CEO roundtables, lunch panel discussions, public speaking events, stakeholder meetings, professional development series, executive education series, investment forums, and other training programs.

We also participate in outward-facing events, such as business breakfasts and annual venture conferences, Business Plan Competitions, Angel Funding Forums, Technology Award Events, and other general business, technology and entrepreneurial seminars and training.

Bink+ hands-on approach combine expertise and guidance in the areas of:

  • Business Managment

  • Business Planning

  • Minimum Viable Product Development

  • Access to worldwide mentors

  • Business Operations

  • Regulatory Matters

  • Manufacturing and Quality Control

  • Funding

  • Finance

  • Staffing

  • Support Network

  • Referrals

Bink+ helps companies grow by tailoring a suite of business services built around your corporate mission that enables your company to accelerate the time to market.

From concept to commercialization, Bink+ offers and assists entrepreneurs with taking their concepts from start to market.


We offer a wide range of services and finance for students, startups and entrepreneurs in the early stages of ideas and business development, and for existing companies who are looking to grow their business.

Bink+ not only helps you uncover the many unanswered questions of growing a business, we help you determine the questions to ask. We help you save time and money possibly by testing the feasibility of your business concept before you launch. We help you form relationships with people who can prove to you that starting or growing your own business doesn't mean you have to do it all alone.


Some of the Services we offer:

  • Mentoring

  • Advisory Services

  • Research and Development

  • Market research

  • Research Minimum Viable Products

  • Contract negotiations

  • Partnership Possibilities

  • Co-Founding Possibilities

  • Help with business basics

  • Networking activities

  • Marketing assistance

  • Internet access

  • Help with accounting/financial management

  • Access to private funding or seed capital

  • Access to bank loans, loan funds and guarantee programs

  • Help with presentation skills

  • Links to higher education resources

  • Links to strategic partners

  • Access to angel investors or venture capital

  • Comprehensive business training programs

  • Advisory boards and mentors

  • Management team identification

  • Help with business etiquette

  • Technology commercialization assistance

  • Help with regulatory compliance

  • Intellectual property management


Our main goal is to further develop the startup and entrepreneur community in Krakow. As a result of this development it is our mission to create more self employment opportunities, more jobs and more investment opportunities.

Providing experienced entrepreneurs and mentors and a practical, hands-on business development approach forms the necessary skills to help entrepreneurs develop, create, manage and grow successful businesses.

Bink+ is operated by entrepreneurs, facilitated by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs.

Our intention is to assist a variety of economic and socioeconomic policy needs, which may include:

  • Creating jobs and wealth

  • Fostering a community's entrepreneurial climate

  • Technology commercialization

  • Diversifying local economies

  • Building or accelerating growth of local industry clusters

  • Business creation and retention

  • Encouraging women or minority entrepreneurship 

    Identifying potential spin-in or spin-out business opportunities

  • Community revitalization



Entrepreneurs, company executives, founders, startup junkies, designers, engineers, marketing experts, product gurus.

Our mentors are united by their passion to help startups succeed.

Bink+ is continuously updating its list of mentors, so please drop back to view any updates.

  • Mike Kohn
  • Ian Scarffe
  • Kent Aughey
  • Doctor Adam Weigold
  • Paweł Tkaczyk
  • Jaromir Dzialo
  • Łukasz Tyrała
  • Vincent Vergonjeanne
  • Greg Siegele
  • Nicholas Holden
  • Rokas Tamošiūnas


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